Borger Long Dolmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Borger Dolmen   Photo by John Palmer
Borger Dolmen Photo by John Palmer

Location: Drenthe, Netherlands

Significance: This is the longest dolmen in the Netherlands, measuring approximately 22-meters in length. It was created in the Neolithic Period roughly, 3400-2850 BCE.

Preservation Status: The Klompmaker, director of the nearby Hunebed Museum of Borger, wanted to turn Borger into a theme park, where people could learn how to carve a canoe, and participate in other activities of the period, fortunately this did not get approved. The Klompmaker also wanted excavations to take place at this site. However, thanks to a 10-year, one-man campaign by John Palmer, all Neolithic hunebeds, are legally protected and there will be no excavations at the Borger Long Dolmen.

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