Hazaribagh Plateau

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The Hazaribagh Plateau encompasses Sitagarha Hill, Banadag Megalith Site, and Bawanbai Hill

Location: India

Sitagarha Hill, Marwatari Buddhist Site

Significance: This site is a major Buddhist shrine from the Mauryan Period 250 before the present era; it is aligned to dolmen and other megalithic sites and the sacred hill, Marang Buru, of the Birhor indigenous tribe. Marang Buru is also called Juljul and forms the recumbent landscape figure known as a reclining Mother Goddess. On the south is a 65 foot-long stone face called Mahadeva or Great God by the Bihors.Mahadeva is a term used alternately for Shiva and Buddha. The hill and the stone face continue to be worshipped ritually by the Bihors.

The Threat: The Indian Border Security Force who uses the site as a Heavy Artillery Range is bombing Sitagarha Hill behind the Mahadeva stone face.

Banadag Megalith Site

Significance: This site contains a megalithic stone ceremonial circle consisting of 50 standing stones dating from 5000 years before the present era, and a large bird dolmen, which are oriented towards the recumbent landscape feature known as the Mother Goddess Hill.

The Threat: The northwest side of the hill is being blasted away in a stone mining operation for material used in cement and the southwest side of the hill has a brick kiln operation steadily eroding the earth to a depth of 20 feet and is now only 40 meters away.

Bawanbai Hill

Significance: It has been claimed to be man-made, being pyramidal on the East-West axis and tridental on the Northwest side. It follows the lines of sacred geometry connecting with megaliths in the region.

The Threat: Pervasive stone mining has been going on for several decades and the south side of the hill has been eroded in areas up to 250 feet in height and depth.

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