Octagon Mounds

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Location: Ohio, United States

Significance: The Octagon Mound is part of a sacred landscape that includes burial sites, effigy mounds, spirit pathways and ceremonial astronomical observatories. Dating from the Mound Culture (100 – 400 years before the present era), they are considered to be part of the largest sacred earthworks complex in the world.

The Threat: Commercial development (Golf course and Moundbuilders Country Club)

Photo: John Koda

Preservation Status: The Ohio Historical Society has been leasing the Octagon Mound to the private Moundbuilders Country Club and Golf Course since 1910 and in 2004 they renewed the lease for 70 more years. The Golf Course has covered the site with sand traps, fairways, trees and golf cart paths. There is very limited access for the public and for Native Americans who wish to use the site for spiritual purposes.

Nominated By: Native Earthworks Organization based in Pennsylvania, an American Indian activist organization

For More Information: Octagon Mound: Public Treasure or Private Playground for Golfers?; Sacred Sites Newsletter Volume XIV, Number 2, Winter 2004; Sacred Sites Newsletter Volume XIV, Number 3, Spring 2004; Sacred Sites Newsletter Volume XV, Number 2, Winter 2005

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