The Little Chapel of the Fourteen Bunders

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Location: Broek of Blaasveld, Antwerpen, Belgium (near Willebroek)

Who Considers it Sacred? Christians

Significance: A statuette of the Virgin Mary, unearthed at this site in 1636, is considered to be a miraculous image. After the unearthing a chapel was built here. The area became a pilgrimage destination, and the chapel and pool were thought to be healing places, especially for eye diseases. The chapel, originally of wood, was refitted as a brick structure in 1860. An iron-age village was recently discovered in the area as well.

The Threat: Vandalism, Neglect

Preservation Status: According to John Palmer of Den Haag, the Netherlands, who has done much energetic work to preserve sacred sites all over the Netherland and Belgium, the Chapel has suffered vandalism and has not been protected in the way that other significant places in the area have been. A letter-writing campaign, directed by Mr. Palmer, has had some success in reaching the authorities.

For More Information: Sacred Sites Newsletter Volume XII, Numbers 1 and 2, Fall 2001/Winter 2002; History

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