Endangered Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites International has compiled the following list of sacred sites endangered by manmade (for example, urbanization or other development efforts) or natural forces (such as erosion, weathering, and exposure to the elements), or even a combination of the two. We encourage you to peruse the list below to learn more about these sacred sites and the forces that threaten their preservation, and if possible, contribute to campaigns and efforts that will ensure their preservation for current and future generations.

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2 thoughts on “Endangered Sacred Sites

  1. Can you please tell me if the Cross Bath in Bath UK is on your list of sacred sites? It is part of the hot springs complex now called Therma Bath Spa.

  2. I love the content of the site, but because the header is fixed in place, only the bottom portion of the page below the menu bar scrolls down, making it is very difficult to properly read the text and see the pictures. Please fix the scrolling problem.

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