Wéris Dolmens

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Location: Belgium

Who Considers it Sacred? Historians

Significance: The Weris megaliths were made in the Neolithic era, thousands of years ago. Archaeologist Francois Hubert, left some of the stones of the northern Weris dolmen lying about after the site was excavated. The southern Weris dolmen was disassembled and “rebuilt” by Professor Toussaint; the recent replacement of the stones was done with guesswork as to the original placement of the stones at the site.

The Threat: Excessive Tourism; Wear and Tear

Preservation Status: The northern Weris Dolmen was damaged during excavations, although it was previously listed as protected in 1974 making it, at that time, one of only six legally protected megalithic siter in Belgium. A bus stop also intrudes on the site.

For More Information: Site Saver Newsletter, Vol VIII, Number 2, Winter 1998; Site Saver Newsletter, Volume XI, Number 2, Winter 2001; The Megaliths of Wéris

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