About Us


Sacred Sites International Foundation

The foundation was established in September of 1990, and advocates the preservation of natural and built sacred places. We believe that protecting sacred sites is key to preserving traditional cultures and time-honored values of respecting the earth. Sacred Sites International Foundation, an all-volunteer organization, is governed by a Board of Directors guided by an Advisory Board of Native People and other experts in the field of site protection. We recognize natural sites such as sacred mountains, rivers, springs and rocks and built sites like shrines, temples, and other houses of worship. Some examples of sacred sites recognized by Sacred Sites International are: pilgrimage routes, petroglyphs and pictographs, burial sites, archaeological sites having sacred significance, ceremonial and calendric sites, memorials, and labyrinths.


Sacred Sites International advocates the protection of natural and built sacred sites and their associated cultures. Sacred sites are places set aside from the profane world for spiritual beliefs and practices.


We accomplish our mission by petitioning key decision makers through legislation, by supporting grass-roots organizations with letter-writing campaigns, publicity, legal referrals and donations.


We believe protecting sacred sites contributes to cultural preservation, protection of religious freedom, bio and cultural diversity, and understanding between diverse cultures.


We aim to protect sites and their communities while creating awareness of the importance of protecting sacred sites.

The Founders

Leonard and Nancy Becker are preservationists concerned with conserving historic sacred places honored by cultures around the world. They believe that the preservation of sacred sites fosters cultural and biological diversity and religious freedom. Leonard Becker’s current projects include independent research and documentation of native shrines in Hawaii and France. He is the principle force in the development of the International Registry and Archives of Sacred Sites. Mr. Becker has extensive background and experience in the fields of sociology and psychology and eclectic interests in intercultural sociology and geomancy and French history, politics and culture. He is author of Encounter with Sociology published by Glendessary Press. He received his B.A. from Cornell and M.A. from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and is a licensed M.F.T. in the state of California. Nancy Becker has conducted a study of the evolution of sacred sites in the Périgord region of France. These sites include prehistoric painted caves, megalithic structures, and pilgrimage shrines. Her study includes the collection of regional history, folk stories and local tales about the discovery of statues of the Virgin Mary, an evolution of the ancient Earth Goddess. She has developed an extensive slide library of international sacred sites. Ms. Becker has her B.A. and M.A. in Art History from the University of California.

Board of Directors

Steven Post – Feng Shui Master

Steven post was the first person to teach Feng Shui in the United States and has been a consultant, educator, and writer on Feng Shui for 40 years. He is co-founder of GEO, Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization.. GEO is authoritative in Feng Shui education and consulting and conducts a three-year Professional Training Program, the most extensive and rigeoous program in the world. He is knowledgable in multi-cultural Feng Shui knowledge including: Jewish, Japanese, European, and Great Goddess traditions. In addition he has written, The Modern Book of Feng-Shui, The Geomancy of Ancient Crete, Walking and Christianity, Secrets of the Earth and Magic on the Basepaths. www.geofengshui.com

Becky Urbano – Architectural Conservator

Ms. Urbano is a talented architectural conservator with a solid background in historic preservation, materials investigation, and historic documentation. Recognized for laboratory expertise as well as research, leadership and project management skills, her experience includes architectural conservation, management plans, existing condition analysis, repair recommendations and documentation, construction specifications and identification of historic resources through field surveys and archival research.

Ms. Urbano’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Middlebury College with Departmental Honors. Ms Urbano has been named a Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) Assessor, and is currently listed in the national database maintained by Heritage Preservation, the National Institute for Conservation, as a qualified conservator.

Paul Saunders – Investment Research Analyst

Paul Saunders has been a research analyst at Meerkat Management a hedge fund based in San Francisco. He also worked for five years at SoundView Technology Group, focusing on information security companies. He was recognized in 2001, by the Wall Street Journal as a “Best On the Street”analyst. Prior to this he worked at various Silicon Valley companies including Sun Microsystems in both engineering and product management positions.

Mr. Saunders holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from Stanford University, and an M.B.A. from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

He has had a multifaceted career in the non-profit sector and been especially active as a Board Member of the Cambodian Children’s Fund since 2007.